- Towel factory was established in 2005.

– Factory includes 2 places, one has management office and store for raw material, other place for packing and store for finished towels.

– Factory includes 8 QS, 40 employee for sewing and packing. Thai Binh province is the most famous place for towel, we have near 50 years of producing towel so that skill workers are abundance

– Production Capacity: We are able to meet the constraints of the output from 100 tons to 200 tons in one month.

– The main markets for our South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, United States … in addition we also offer a large amount of problems for domestic consumers.

1. Manufacturing Process

– Buying material from cotton yarn factory in Vietnam.

– Provides fiber for textile combinations. (we have many different combinations for processing textile products, depend on products that use the kind of combination of textile and ensure the best value for customers)

– Receive and check raw towels.

– Send raw towel to peroxide factory

– Receive towel from peroxide factory for sewing

– Checking and finish product before packing

– Product after packing send to store for delivering.

2. Quality Control Process.

– When receive fiber from factory we check carefully quality of fiber to ensure fiber is best.

– When textile combinations send raw towels for checking our QS will check carefully one by one towel, if product is not suitable for standard that customer required that product will be rejected. We always consider quality of product is the most important standard (best quality means more oders and quick money).

– With white towel we will check the white and bleach residue on the towel with purple bow.

–  For coloring products check out the bleach residue on the towel with purple litmus test will fade in hot water, dye products are guaranteed not to fade in hot water.

–  After the completion of the products will last checked products from trimming the excess cotton or detect product quality may not reach to sort out. All products by this late stage is to ensure clean and neat.

– The products will be packaged in the final check on the weight of the towel to ensure the towels is correct with customer’s requirements.

– The finished product is packed in the warehouse to clean airy.


Sen Ngoc tru so

Head Office at Hung Ha-Thai Binh Province-Inside. This place will also store fiber and raw towel

Manu 1a

Fiber is produced in Vietnam

Manu 1b

Manu 2


Manu 4

Manu 5

 Luxury hotel towels are woven with the most modern machinery

Manu 6

After that the towel bring back for sewing 

Manu 7

Manu 8

After the towel is classified will be brought to the peroxide factory

Manu 9a

 Finished towels are checked carefully before packing

Manu 10

Finished Towels are ready for packing

Manu 9b

Our products are packed in plastic bag

Manu 11

 The product is packed in a carton

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